We specialize in the production of high quality products made from plastics - in particular products for lingerie. We welcome you to familiarize yourself with some technical parameter of the products that we offer. Per request we may send out samples. Each order is treated with the utmost care. Loyal customers receive additional benefits promotions.

SlidesBoning wiresRingsStrap hooksUnderwiresGarter clipsClosuresClosures maternity nursingPegsSock hooks
Elements that allow for the adjustment of various straps like bra or garter straps. see more
A very popular product widely used in corsets, wedding and party dresses, headware and orthopedic clothing. see more
A round accessory mainly used to connect elements in various types of lingerie and clothing. see more
The Strap hook is an element used to attach or detach (bra)straps to and from lingerie, often used in summer, formal and swimwear. see more
Similar to boning wires, the underwire is used in corsets, dresses, headware and orthopedic clothing. the underwire however is mostly used to create and reinforce curves. see more
Garter clips are disigned to fasten stockings to your garter or corset. Our clips have a special design aimed to prevent damage to your stockings without compromising comfort or quality. see more
Closures Are mainly used in swimwear, yet they are also regulary used in bras. like the name suggests these products are used to open or close clothing elements. see more
Closures designed for nursing mothers, used to make bras that aim to increase the ease and comfort of breastfeeding. see more
Pegs designed to hold up cupboard and closet shelves. see more
Plastic hook-shaped elements used to hang packaged products in shops and stores, ideal for socks, neckties and similar products that benefit from esthetics like shelf-appeal. see more